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I have studied a multitude of arts, including  sculpture, ceramics, screen printing and fiber arts. Raised in the Chicago suburbs, I began classes at The School of the Art Institute while still in High School. The architecture of the city was a great inspiration, and I moved to the city to continue my Undergraduate studies and be close to Lake Michigan.


Always searching for new inspiration, I left Chicago and set out to explore new cities and geography. Driving through Arizona took my breath away, and the California coast is majestic. My early travels were full of youthful exploration, and after a few years in the Pacific Northwest I decided to move to Tucson AZ in 1999. 


Creative work has always been on my resume, and in 2006 I moved to New York City for a job in the costume shop of The Metropolitan Opera Company. After 2 exciting years in the Big Apple, the West Coast called again, and I moved to Berkeley, California for another costuming position.


The winters of 2009 and 2010 found me at an Artist Collective in the old mining town of Miami Arizona, where my inspiration was refreshed and my creativity set free. This is when my vision as a painter became more clear, and my dedication to that vision remains. 



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